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The most important reason for a NorthDoor Garage Door Repair & Install is that it's one of the most used doors in the home. We use the garage entrance to get in and out, store our stuff, work on cars, and much more. In fact, we use the garage door every single day of our lives. Unfortunately, damage and even a complete replacement of the door are not uncommon when dealing with this type of door. Garage Door Repair and Install are necessary if you want to keep your door working properly for years to come. With proper maintenance, you can reduce any chance of an emergency trip through the door, or even prevent one entirely.

The door actually uses two tracks to move up and down and a pull system to lower and raise the door. The top track moves up and down on a track attached to the ceiling, while the bottom track is connected to a hinge, and moves vertically with the door open. Most of the time, this system works fine, except for a few circumstances. If the door is hung on the wall with the hinges directly above it, the hinges may get accidentally pulled down while someone is trying to open the door from the inside. In addition, the tracks get damaged, scrape, or become warped over time, and need to be taken care of as well.

Whether your door is old or new, you should take care of it by having it looked at by a professional garage door repair technician once a year. When your door begins to sag, it will push the tracks backwards and cause the door to malfunction. This can also happen if you attempt to open or close the door while it is jammed open. In addition, rust can affect the tracks, which will lead to a door that doesn't work correctly. Fortunately, there are many ways to repair this problem, ranging from simple to complex.

The easiest thing to do is to lubricate the moving parts periodically, usually about every eight to ten years. Do this with a special kind of spray that is specifically designed for door tracks. Be sure to apply it to all moving parts, including the hinges, tracks, rollers, and latches. It is important to note that lubrication does not mean grease, so be careful not to spray too much onto the hinges or tracks. If the lubricant wears off, simply apply more as needed.

Sometimes, tracks will become misaligned or even lose their tracks over time. You may need to have them replaced, but you can also check to see if this can be done yourself. If you have an old door, simply pull it up a little and look to it to see if it is level with the ground. If not, you can set a stone or block under it to level it out, then use some cement to set it right. If you have a new door, simply tilt the door until it is level with the ground and replace the tracks.

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Another common problem in a Northdoor garage door repair is the opener going on and off. This is caused by the remote control not being put into the correct setting. Simply reset the remote and re-centering the door before trying again. If the remote doesn't reset properly, you might want to try a new battery or replacing the buttons on the remote with something more durable. Don't forget to close and open the door as normal to make sure it is working correctly.

NorthDoor Garage Door Repair & Install
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NorthDoor Garage Door Repair & Install

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Very professional service. They went out of their way to fix other things in my system including bending portions of the track back into place (damaged by the previous owner), fixed the settings on opener including getting the door to raise all the way, as I was hoping for. They also showed me how weak the connection from the opener to the door was and fixed it. These guys are great. The work was good, fast and professional. I hope I won't need them again, but they will definitely be recommended to my friends.

Peter Taylor

He was on time, very professional and a pleasure to work with. He was able to fix my garage in a timely manner. His prices were very reasonable. I would recommend to anyone who would need Garage Door help

Danny Hution

This guy is a gem. He installed my garage door opener professionally and at a decent price. More importantly, I have called him numerous times over the years with various issues I thought required a repair, and each time he has given me information by phone that has resolved my issue at no charge. Highly recommend.

Dosewa Dantose